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here, you can find infos about objects to be found and tools to be used in Tibahni
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digital tools

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I want to meet people in videochat.
Jitsi is an open source and self-hostable videochat.
you basically go on a server that offers jitsi
- for instance: or
and by adding a word after the / you'll create a new room,
- for example:

I want a safe way to communicate with my cellphone
conversations is an open source and self-hostable messenger based on the jabber/xmpp protocol and 0mem0 encryption.
you don't even need a number or email adress to register, just go to a server you would like to open an account at
and add it to your account list on conversations.
- for instance: or or

I want to create a shared playlist where several people can be the DJ
there is , which is quite fun. the channel already exists...

I want to co-write texts
cryptpad is an open source self-hostable pad thingy where you can even set passwords for shared pads
if you are registered.
- for instance:

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