places that exist in every city

Locations you can find in your city
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places that exist in every city

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this list is not finished, it's rather a beginning.
this list is centered around european cities - how is different on other continents?
these are places where the membrane is thin, where permeation is possible, where you can sew and move through and with tibahni more easily.

main city square
the bridge
the kinda-but-not-yet-gentrified part of the city
the social center / the squat
the university
the expensive shopping street
the statue of the important beardy guy (probably on a horse)
the castle or palace
the famous museum
where the rich people live
the city park
the tower (this one really high building)
the church
the street with the graffities
the artist district
the "dangerous part of the city"
central train station
that street where everybody goes to get drunk
the important fountain
the homeless shelter
the square with all the italian restaurants
the cafe where someone famous used to hang out
that one place you can get awesome food in the night when you're drunk
red light district
sleeping district aka commuters home aka the suburbs
disneyland aka the old town
city wall
the famous open air market
underground art gallery
the very narrow street in old town
the factories

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Re: places that exist in every city

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