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New to Tibahni? Start here!
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welcome inhabitant

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So you found yourself here...Where do you start?

There's no right or wrong way to start the game.
Visit the Map of Tibahni and see which adventure you would like to dive into!

You are not alone!
Every adventure that takes place in Tibahni requires a team of minimum one mover and one sewer.

Do you already have a teamplayer?
This is great! Proceed to the test to determine who will be the
mover and who will be the sewer for this adventure.
Take the test here: https://tibahni.global/a/character_test/

Do you crave for an adventure but don't have a teamplayer just yet? Jump in the thread Meeting Point thread in the forum and make this adventure happen!

Remember: You can always start a new topic in the thread to publicly discuss a topic or send a user
a private message!

Would you like to play one time or multiple times? You can play as many adventures as you would like, regardless of completing or failing to complete any previous adventures.
You can play the same adventure as many times as you like with other players or by changing your role in the
adventure. You can even be part of multiple adventures simultaneously!

Join the talk, stay tuned for the events!
Some threads in the forum are dedicated to the communication of the team in the adventure or to the communication of different teams that play the same adventure. It is always fun to share our experiences and photos from them, so don't hesitate to start a conversation. During out time in
Tibahni there will be various events organized by all of us, so stay tuned for those and even suggest one!

Have an idea for a new adventure? This is awesome, visit the thread Expanding Tibahni in the forum and contribute.

Remember! You need to maintain your role as a mover or sewer until the adventure is completed.
You can shift from being a mover to being a sewer as many times as you like or every time you are
diving into a new adventure!


go on your first adventure
the tutorial adventure is to be found in town hall. it is one you can do all alone.

chose a role and change again
you don't have to be mover or sewer forever.
you don't have to be in the same team forever.
free association is the key here.

meet people
find other inhabitants of tibahni to team up with them.
sounds scary? well, everyone is scared. it's human.
meet them in the topic called meeting point
and dare to write each other private messages or meet in the Café!
or bring your friends to tibahni, of course, wherever they are - the journey to Tibahni takes the same amount of time.

check out the tools
find out which modes of communication suit you best.
some propositions are to be found in the Tools section of the pad.

always dare to ask!
that's what forums are here for.

feedback and create own adventures
the forum expanding Tibahni is happy to receive all inhabitants.

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