Hide and Seek Scenario II

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Hide and Seek Scenario II

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Hello Sewer!

In this messsage you will receive:

A map showing you the location that the object must be hidden.
The object that must be hidden.

Let the game begin!

Take a close look at the map and find the X spot. This is the location the object must be hidden.
The object to be hidden is a teaspoon.

Your part in the adventure is to find a way to communicate to your teamplayer (Mover) the location without telling them or showing them the location on the map. You can choose one of the following options:
  1. Make a soundscape (audio) of the sounds usually heard at the location in the map and send it to the Mover
  2. Make your own set of systems/symbols in the map and communicate a transcription of it. For instance, you can replace buildings or streets with specific symbols or divide the map in letters and numbers to let the Mover know the location.
No further communication with the Mover is allowed.

Once the Mover has completed the task of hidding the object, upload a photo in the designated area in the forum revealing the location and wait to see what location the Mover actually left the object at! The adventure is successfully completed if both of you have the same location!

Good luck!
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