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Hide and Seek Scenario I

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 5:07 pm
by Magistrate
Hello Sewer!

In this messsage you will receive:

A map showing you the location that the object must be hidden.
The instructions on which object must be hidden.

Let the game begin!

Take a close look at the map and find the X spot. This is the location the object must be hidden.
In order to find the object to be hidden you need to:

Find an object in your kitchen that has the following characteristics: it is green and soft to the touch.
Once you identify the object in your kitchen, take a pen and paper and draw its outline. Keep the outline basic and send the photo of the object with the location on the map to the Mover without any further communicating the object.

Once the Mover has completed the task of hidding the object, upload a photo in the designated area in the forum revealing the object and wait to see what object the Mover actually left at the location! The adventure is successfully completed if both of you have chosen a similar object!

Good luck!